Psychic Counseling

Psychic Counseling

A psychic consultation gives you the clarity and guidance you need to make informed choices for the next leg of your journey.

If you need to make a major life decision, are feeling stuck or at a crossroads, this session is the perfect accelerator to get you moving to take actions aligned with the highest levels of your soul’s purposes for karmic healing.

Topics include: Soul assignment, karmic relationships, creative/vocational direction, health readings with suggestions for optimal maintenance of the physical vessel, best geographical location to live in, and spiritual direction.

Many clients view Joan as their personal trainer for soul growth. Her insights help them use their challenges as spiritual resistance training for strengthening the being. Others call her their “karma doctor” as she diagnoses and facilitates the healing of deep karmic wounds one layer at a time.

By phone or in-person in NYC for new clients:
$200 For 30 Minutes/$270 For 45 Minutes
$330 For One Hour/$470 for 90-minutes/$600 for two hours

Ongoing Clients:
$175 For 30 Minutes/$225 For 45 Minutes
$275 For One Hour/$415 for 90-minutes/$550 for two hours

In person in NYC:
One Hour Minimum

Please add an additional $50 for in-person sessions


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