Karmic Astrology

Karmic Astrology

Natal Chart

Your birth chart is the foundation of understanding your potentials, personality predisposition, karmic challenges and direction. This reading is the necessary baseline for working with future probabilities.

Progressions and Transits

This reading offers insight into your psychological evolution and how the planetary flows will be affecting you on inner and outer levels in the coming year and, most importantly, channeled guidance on how best to go with this flow.

In business, this is an invaluable tool for clarifying optimal timing for taking actions for accelerated manifestation and minimal resistance in the Flow.

Synastry and Composite

A relationship consultation explores the reality and potentials of the bond you share with someone and offers effective insights into how to optimally work with the assets and challenges inherent in any committed personal or professional partnership.

Birth charts for children

If you’re the proud parents of a newborn, a natal chart is an exceptional way to understand your baby’s unique karmic predisposition and personality potentials. Synastry charts of parents and children offer tools in how best to support and encourage your child in realizing his potentials, as well as for optimal relationship dynamics. This is a life-changing gift for parents with children of any age.

Consultations are available by phone or in NYC

MP3 recording included 

PDF charts upon request

$275 Per Hour for Established Clients
$330 Per Hour for New Clients for Initial Reading
$75 For Synastry. Each Additional Chart

Please add an additional $50 for in-person sessions

“Joan’s yearly astrology readings have helped me become more conscious of my life and really take responsibility for my spiritual growth.”
Susan Davis, editor and writer

“Since 1982, Joan has helped us to strengthen our marriage of over 50 years with her wisdom and invaluable insights. Her psychic readings and astrological predictions are so accurate and reliable that we can highly recommend her work to anyone.”
Robert and Sharlene Pollyea, professors

“Since I met Joan in 2008, I consult her on every new business venture. She runs my yearly transits and does synastry charts for any new business or personal partner I may be considering. Her past life regression therapy has helped me immensely to remember to integrate all aspects of my character in my daily journey.” December 2017
Jay Sikora CEO, theoutageexpert.com

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