YOUR 2022 SUMMER OF LOVE’S RECIPE FOR BLISS: Being Nowhere and Now Here Simultaneously

May 25, 2022in Newsletter Archive

“In the Garden by the River”—Joan Pancoe

“There’s no place like home.”—Multiple Sources
Dear ONE,

Most of us are consciously aware of just how much the weather can affect our mood and outlook on Life as we go through Nature’s seasons. However, even though the yearly retrograde cycles of the outer planets actually have a much greater impact on us, many of us don’t necessarily make the best use of these cyclical energetic seasons of shifting desires and priorities because they’re a little more subtle to experience than snow days and heat waves.

Without fail, all the outer planets go through a roughly five-month retrograde journey starting each Spring and continuing into the Fall and beyond. The major effect of these powerful outer planets sequentially slowing down, stationing closer to the Earth, and then appearing to move backwards (aka RX) in the sky, is to encourage us to concentrate more of our energies internally. This way, we can intentionally gather our forces and crystalize our essence for the next season of expansion into external achievements when all the outer planets go direct again.

If we can give ourselves permission to make it a priority focus this Summer to replenish our lifeforce energies through Nature and mind/body/spirit practices, we’ll find, as the energetic pendulum swings outward again in the Fall and beyond, that we’ll have much more juice to take proactive outer action.In this way, Nature and the planetary energies support us in optimizing the use of our power at the perfect time in the Flow. If, however, we choose to ignore these subtle signals for necessary R&R, we’ll find ourselves, again and again, spinning our wheels and exhausting ourselves by tapping into our reserves as we push against the river of Life when it’s really not our move.

The deeper within we go now, then the further out into 3D will we be able to focus our cocreative energies later. And, if we’re truly diligent this summer in storing up our vital chi, we just may find that we’ll be able to cut through the density of the physical plane much more quickly, at times almost instantaneously, as we manifest our desires more effortlessly as cocreators.

This is because we’ll be operating at a higher frequency, from  consciously opening and aligning with the energies of the Quickening. To optimize this download process, the essential factor is the fully embodied grounding of this ever-accelerating vibration through Nature and/or standing Chi Gung.

This has been my daily practice since the early nineties, when one of my Taoist teachers, after viscerally experiencing the high energy frequency my body downloads when in trance said: “I’m surprised you’re not dead, but you will be by age 50 if you don’t start doing standing chi gung daily.”

He was so surprised that I hadn’t already fried my nervous system and psychic circuitry and become destabilized from running such hotwire energies that, needless to say, I took his advice seriously to heart immediately.
And, now, here I am, fully embodied, celebrating 50 years as a trance channel along with my 69th birthday on September 29. YAY! For more: Taoist Practices
We can still feel the planetary energies affecting us, whether we get a reading or understand astrology or not, even if we can’t quite put a finger on why we feel as we do. And, right now, there’s a slowly building, relentless pull to rest, replenish and reconnect with the infinite resources of All That Is—from the Divine, the Tao and Nature—as our primary conduit for feeding and nurturing ourselves. Can you feel it?

Adding greatly to this year’s accelerating inner momentum, are the long-standing effects of the last two years of quarantine and the changes it has wrought. For, all the time we spent isolated at home—away from the distractions of workplace, travel or much social interaction—have literally forced us to go more deeply into solitude and aloneness than ever before—and with a very positive outcome for many of us.

For those of us who are predisposed to accelerate our evolution, this period may have been the most spiritually fruitful in this incarnation to date. For, if we used it wisely, by structuring our days with more time for mindful contemplation (rather than mindless diversions) it was as if we created an at-home, customized spiritual retreat.

During my personal reading of coming attractions for 2021, my channels informed me that 2020 allowed me the longest uninterrupted period in this life to date for a primarily inward focus without hardly any external distractions, except doing readings by phone. And that this time of enforced withdrawal from others actually accelerated my evolution in the probabilities by twenty years. What a pleasant surprise!

This year, I’m still coasting on this new higher plateau of Being and it is truly blissful. I’ve also heard from many of you about how impactful this quarantine-induced inner focus has been in reaping a huge bounty of ongoing soul growth and karmic healing.

So that, now, with this particular retrograde season, we have the opportunity to swing the energetic pendulum that much further within than ever before. And, after this, we just may find that our inclinations for taking so many busy-making, distracting actions may actually fall away. Except for the most important ones, of course. Those which are aligned with the main track of our soul assignment in the Flow, rather than merely redundant karmic scenic side-trips anymore (unless you’re in your twenties, that is).

At this point, I feel called to share my favorite Taoist quote on Wu Wei  (the action of non-action) from Alan Watts:

“When a cat falls out of a tree, it lets go of itself, becomes completely relaxed, and lands lightly on the ground. If the cat made up its mind that it didn’t want to fall, it would become tense and rigid and would just be a bag of broken bones upon landing. In the same way, it is the philosophy of the Tao that we are all falling out of a tree, at every moment of our lives.

As a matter of fact, the moment we were born we were kicked off a precipice and we are falling—and there is nothing we can do to stop it. So, instead of living in a state of constant tension and clinging to all sorts of things that are actually falling with us because the whole world is impermanent, be like a cat. Don’t resist it.”

Here’s the astrology:
Kicking off this retrograde season with a powerful feeling of dissolution of the little self in the Void, transformational Pluto stationed RX at almost 29° of structure-ruling Capricorn on April 29. These take-no-prisoner energies support the pruning of habitual karmic ruts of identity on the ego/personality/little self level which no longer serve us going forward. And this transit can be quite the FGO (f**kin growth opportunity) if it’s happening on a personal planet or angle in our birth charts. For more: Astrology Readings

Once we let go of old attachments that truly no longer define who we’re becoming, we get to experience a new sense of inner spaciousness in a more timeless, soul-centered way. And, as this is Pluto’s last RX in Capricorn in our lifetimes, it is packing quite the wallop for most of us.

This is especially exacerbated with the transiting South Node of our karmic pasts in Plutonian Scorpio, stirring up deep-rooted past-life memories of old ways of being that we may still be holding on to as a defense of the “little self” against the Void.

The final degrees of a Pluto transit in any sign are about as intense as it gets. So, before the move into Aquarius in March 2023, Pluto will be “encouraging” us to dig deeper into our psyches to root out those parts of our personality that still arise as outgrown obsessive desires.

We have until October 8 for this inner excavation process. During this period, we may well experience a letting go (or ripping away) and falling away (aka complete dissolution) of karmically-regressive parts of ourselves to a greater extent than ever before.
The total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio which occurred on May 16 is still mightily reverberating and it’s pumping up these Plutonian energies to the max. It’s setting the tone for the next six months and beyond with a decisive theme of culminating endings of people, places, things, circumstances and parts of our ego-identity.

If what is falling away this year no long supports the next level of evolution but has become karmic baggage which is only dragging us down, rest assured that this final year of Pluto in Capricorn (which commenced in December, 2008) will clear the path forward—one way or another. For more: Owning Our Inner Pluto Before . . . It Eats Us for Lunch
Next, Karmic Teacher Saturn in innovative Aquarius stations RX on June 4, offering us the lesson of discipline, delayed gratification, patience and commitment as we seek and discover new, deeper modalities for our inner work until October 23, when it’s time to implement our growth into outward action in the Flow . . . or not. Just emanating from this new tone of inner spaciousness will—in and of itself—be creating potent ripple effects that draw optimal events and fated others to us through the magnetic action of Yin power (aka charisma on the soul-level).

When psychic Neptune in oceanic Pisces retrogrades on June 28, the whispering to go within gets louder as the desire for inner stillness, peace of mind and equanimity grows stronger than for any outer distractions. For more: NEPTUNE in PISCES: The Urge to Merge . . . and Then Some

This is when the veils between planes become especially porous. So, it’s a very good season to, not just to enjoy swimming in Nature, but also to dive into the cosmic ocean of consciousness, also known as the 6th dimension or causal plane. (My ongoing therapy clients know that I call this the Flow State.) For, not only is the water Divine, but the Flow State is also one of the optimum levels of consciousness to reside in while maintaining the witnessing perspective if we want to enjoy stable mental health and fully appreciate the show of the Earth Game. For more: Psychic Therapy 

On July 15, wounded healer asteroid Chiron stations RX in proactive Aries, inspiring us to own our inner wounds and stop projecting what’s wrong outward onto the world. This is especially prevalent now with projections onto the opinions and judgments of the mass consciousness as the cause of our agitation and anxiety. And while ignorant attitudes have exploded in popularity since the advent of the pablum of social media, it is evident that this is dumbing down the mass consciousness, always the lowest common denominator, more than ever before. It behooves us not to get hooked into these devolving views, which can only leave us with a chronic case of “if onlys.” What a waste of our precious time!

Then, on July 28, expansive Jupiter stations RX in warrior Aries, (until November 23) rousing us to take actions to unhook more and more of the busyness and distractions of outworn personal, professional and family obligations to procure more time, energy and resources to play in Life as our greatest cocreation. Eliminate the extraneous!

And last, but certainly not least, trickster of awakening Uranus stations RX at 19° of stubborn Taurus on Aug 24 and will not station direct until January 22, 2023. But before the RX, comes the most important transit of the Summer, if not one of the most significant of the year.

On July 31, freedom-loving Uranus conjuncts the North Node of Destiny, with action-oriented Mars in exceptionally close attendance. This conjunction has not occurred since 2007, and it will be inspiring us to genuinely embrace our soul assignment, heal our karma and claim our destiny from an empowered place in the driver’s seat of our journey in this Life.

Uranus has been in Taurus since May 15, 2018 and will continue through the sign until April 27, 2026. It is awakening us to reevaluate and refine what truly gives meaning and value to our lives, beyond the mundane levels of safety, security and comfort. With this catalytic conjunction, we may be called (or pushed through shocking events) to take action from a new soul-centered criterion based on a higher perspective of Life’s purpose.

For more:  All Your Stagnate Comfort Zones Are Going, Going, Gone

For more on the Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio:
2022: The Delight of Living Dangerously Beyond, Beyond, Beyond the Beyond
In closing, for those of us who live on the borderline between planes of consciousness and who primarily identify as a multidimensional Light Being having a human incarnation, daily spiritual and energy practices are essential, especially for grounding and full embodiment, and not just during the summer months. The only way out (into other dimensions) is through (the body) and being fully present in it.

“The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.” —Abraham Maslow

This allows us to be mindfully present in the Eternal Now or Spacious Present without distraction so that all illusions of linear space and time naturally fall away. Then we get to experience being in all dimensions simultaneously, as the only thing actually separating them is the frequency one is vibrating at. Then there is truly nowhere else to go and the wisdom of “no escape” becomes crystal clear.
This summer, if we choose to drop all non-essential ego baggage with the help of all the retrograde outer planets, we can come to know with our full heart/mind these key concepts unequivocally:

1.  Everything is always happening perfectly in the Divine plan including chaos. Especially with Uranus RX.
2.  All structures—internal and external—need to cyclically break down and fall apart before there can be a transformational rebirth from the ashes. Especially with Pluto RX.
3.  Inner stability can only be cultivated and maintained through some form of daily mind/body/energy practices. Especially with Neptune RX.
4.  Setting an inner tone of equanimity in the Flow affects our personal reality and beyond with the ripple effect. Especially with Saturn, Chiron and Jupiter RX.

“Going with the Flow”—Joan Pancoe

And finally, some snippets of where I’m at right now:

Allowing my ego/personality to become more and more like a translucent tool which the soul uses to function in 3D.

Living with a more unconditional surrender to the rules of the earth game, for example: The physical vessel requires more maintenance with every decade, and the maintenance of our bodies, homes, personal realities, relationships and work life is unending.

 Divine Order-ly Chaos is the name of the game—meaning that all the messiness of the human condition, all the challenges, are all part of a perfectly evolving divine plan for each of us that we signed on for for optimal soul growth and karmic healing. For more on this metaphysical philosophy:  LEELA

Being more aware that the perception of separateness of all beings is an optical illusion of the little mind/ego at a lower level of the truth. At a higher level, we are always One Being with billions of faces. Like infinite grains of sand in a timeless desert, like never-ending waves in a cosmic ocean—all one and separate simultaneously.

This means I get to experience being completely empty/totally full, nowhere/everywhere and nobody/everybody. So, while simultaneously being in all dimensions—I am so nowhere (aka in the Void) I get to be now here. Ah, how I am loving the complementary and simultaneous nature of duality and polarities.

Holding to Love as the gold standard of all energy and the perennial truth that all energy is conscious. Compassion for human suffering—of all beings, including ourselves, keeps us in the Flow, without separation—connected and fed by the infinite supple of divine love which is each of our birthrights.

I’m experiencing a deeper level of letting go of resistance to life as it is and of very-old karmic attachments for identity that no longer serve and have finally been almost outgrown.

On a peaceful plateau with bliss arising—I’m witnessing the deepest karmic unwinding of my stuff to date right now. And so, it is.

As I write this, some favorite lyrics from a Talking Heads song come to mind: “Same as it ever was, Same as it ever was.” 
Pleasure joy and bliss defined in a nutshell:  Pleasure arises on the sense level (2nd chakra), joy on the heart level, and bliss as a direct communion with Source through the higher centers. When all energy centers or chakras are open, functioning well and in balance through our inner work, we get to viscerally experience a symphony of all three levels simultaneously. For more: On Pleasure, Joy and Bliss

Enjoy—In Joy!  Joan

“Work/Play Variations”—Joan Pancoe

“The entire Universe is my true personality.”
—Anonymous Zen Master
If you haven’t already gifted yourself with a transit reading for 2022 and beyond, now is the perfect time. It’s especially helpful to be reminded about why you’re feeling so whacked out, which is no surprise with Pluto RX in its final degrees of Capricorn, creating an overload of pressure for transformation, especially wherever you have it in your chart.

Take it from me, with Pluto RX backing over my Ascendant and North Node RIGHT now, knowing that this is why I’m feeling more whacked out than usual:) is certainly helping me maintain inner peace and equanimity in the Flow.
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