A MYSTIC’S TAKE ON KARMIC DEBTS:Only the Giver Can Stamp the Record “PAID IN FULL” Because the Receiver Never Will

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WARNING LABEL: Please note that some of the information in this newsletter is from a channeled transmission from the Akashic Records regarding the Laws of Karma and, as such, may make for some seriously heavy reading, as well as pushing more than a few buttons.:)

MATERNAL–Joan Pancoe

“When you argue with reality, you lose—but only 100% of the time.”–Byron Katie
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how exceptionally fortunate I feel to be in a precious human incarnation during such an exceedingly fraught, challenging and down-right mucky time on planet Earth. How about you?

This messiness includes being in the midst of the Kali Yuga, as well as witnessing and, at times, having to contend with 21st century-style plagues, autocrat wannabes (and their followers) and man-made natural disasters like global warming, to name just a few types of ongoing crises that we could spend our time catastrophizing about.

Or, we could choose to invest our energies in doing enough daily spiritual practices to set a tone of peace, equanimity and faith in the Flow in our personal realities, thus affecting the mass tone via the ripple effect. This inner stillness allows us to witness all the divine order-ly chaos swirling around us as spiritual resistance training–relentlessly pushing at us to make us internally stronger.

In fact, it’s exactly all this mishigas (craziness) that catalyzes our potentials for accelerated awakening in an off-the-charts, totally unprecedented way in human history, especially with the energies of the Quickening supporting our flight. As Thich Nhat Hanh said: “No mud, no lotus.”

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Before I even had a chance to study the major astrological influences of the summer season and beyond, the subject of this newsletter (which I’ve never publicly addressed) was emphatically downloaded into my channel system. I thought the topic was perhaps prompted by recently having so many loved ones (clients included:)) going through a lot of tsuris (aka trouble, distress or aggravation) while deciding whether or not they had completely paid off some karmic debts in significant relationships.

But, sure enough, when I did get around to checking, there is a major transit starting in mid-July which corresponds perfectly with how to raise the level at which we relate to our karmic debts. And that is: The Dharmic North Node of our Destiny moves into warrior Aries along with the Karmic South Node of our Past into people-pleasing Libra–and this theme will be with us for eighteen months.

The premise laid out by these nodal positions will be playing out in our lives in a multitude of ways. For example, how do we find the balance in our most meaningful relationships (which are all karmic btw) between: Having a warrior mentality, which means bypassing the heart to survive even if it harms others–versus always putting others’ needs first, even if it harms self.

This dichotomy in our relationships can only find a deeper merging through an open heart/mind. For, if we can raise our operational frequency to becoming a warrior of the heart (rather than running off our ego/root chakra/survival instinct), we can still take care of ourselves first and then all others. I call this healthy selfishness and it’s a very good thing to cultivate, like placing the oxygen mask on ourself first before taking care of the baby on our lap. In the bigger picture, it’s a win-win!

The key operational difference in refining the level of all our relationship dynamics will be through a commitment to keep our heart open no matter what to all beings, especially ourselves. Through doing this, we may begin to find the middle way, rather than stricturing or armoring our hearts which, while seemingly protecting us from pain inflicted by others, only harms us in the long run and thus incurs karma, or unfinished business, which will need to be resolved–sooner or later.

This is quite the balancing act, like walking on an emotional and psychic highwire. This is especially so when we’re dealing with those we feel indebted to–even if we don’t remember all the past-life details. On the one side, we don’t want to incur more karma by being too selfish and harming others and, on the other side, we also don’t want to incur karma by giving away so much of our life force energies that we harm ourselves.

Please note: Relationships involving parents, children and committed life partners are all special karmic cases which I’ll address after covering all the other types of relationships first.

In most bonds involving karmic debt, we may find ourselves, over long periods of time, giving away so much of our resources of time, energy and/or money to feed the recipients of what feels owed, that we start feeling less joy in the giving and more depletion and resentment.

The tipping point comes when resentment becomes the predominate emotion more than 51% of the time. This is when we need to reevaluate if it’s time to free ourselves from what has become a form of emotional bondage.

It’s at this point, which can take decades for us to reach, when we may realize that through our support, we’re helping to bring out some of the lowest aspects of the receiver by feeding their greediness, hungry ghost, and/or entitled ruts of identity. This is when most clients come to me to ask: “Am I paid in full yet?” I let them know that only they can decide when they’re done, and give them the criterion on which to base this decision.

They also need to hear that the taker of their gifts of time, energy and resources will never say they’ve received enough and the debt is paid in full. Why is this? Because it’s human nature to always choose the lesser pain which, in this case, means getting attached to a root chakra dynamic of feeding off others. And, most get so stuck here that, if their benefactor withdraws what feels like life support, it triggers their survival instinct so that they literally feel as if they’re going to die if they don’t get their regular fix.

The key guidance I give others, who are thinking about closing their account as paid in full, is that the karmic debt we carry is never completely cleared unless we’re able to maintain an ongoing commitment to keep our hearts open and wish the former beneficiaries of our largess well on their journeys. When it becomes clear to us that weaning them is for our highest good, then it’s Divine Law that ultimately it has to be for the highest good of all concerned.

Once we stop enabling them to feed off us, rest assured that, while they will initially kick and scream like they’re dying, over time, they’ll feel “encouraged” enough by their change in circumstances to learn how to feed themselves (or find another “benefactor,” which is not our business.) This is a form of what is called “tough love” in 12-step programs. And, it’s a tool that we may choose to switch to as our modus operandi, rather than staying with what Chogyam Trumpa calls “idiot compassion.”

We know we have gone a page too far when we realize, sometimes slowly and sometimes suddenly, that our feelings have flipped into aversion. This is way beyond feeling resentment more than half the time and, once aversion kicks in–in any relationship–there is sadly no going back to happier times, no matter how much denial and delusion we cover the screen of our perceptions with.

If we continue to engage in the dynamic once aversion has arisen, it will, without doubt, become increasingly more toxic and thus harmful to our well-being, as our life-force energies are being depleted at a faster rate than we can replenish them–even while doing daily practices such as chi gung.
We may also start feeling as if our emotional and psychic boundaries are under attack–even though we know how to seal ourselves energetically while keeping the heart open through psychic empowerment practices.
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And, while all the inner work and daily practices will certainly help, especially if one is a primary caregiver for someone ill, and there is no immediate recourse to be found. But, sooner or later, in these cases especially, burnout and PTSD will ensue.  For more:

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Here are some karmic case studies:
A client came to me after decades of loaning his ex-girlfriend money and other kinds of support as she was always “down on her luck.” And while this man certainly wasn’t in great shape himself financially and struggling to get by at times, he felt “lucky” to be more functional than her and felt guilty at his comparative good fortune.

I told him that if it made him feel joy more than 51% of the time to be a channel of giving to someone he at least once loved who was suffering and needed help, than it was all good. But if he wanted to be done with this karmic debt dynamic because it didn’t allow for joy to arise anymore at all, only he could decide if he felt “paid in full.” 

This is how all our unfinished business (aka unresolved karma) with others works. It’s always an inside job and only we can draw the line and say enough, and then do the inner work to release any guilt–which is a wasted emotion–and move on to healing through self-forgiveness for our imperfect humanness. We are truly our own karmic judge, jury and parole board all wrapped into one:).

In the end, with all the giving we do, we need to recognize that it is all for us as it cultivating loving kindness, compassion and joy in Being as the heart continues to open ever wider and deeper. But if the dynamic has flipped, so that only resentment is arising more and more, and there are no more moments of joy, then we need to invest in more self-care as our number one priority.

Another case: A dear old friend, who was a great psychic healer, was enmeshed, personally and professionally, in a karmic bondage spanning decades with a woman who was very toxic and drained the life force energies out of everyone she came in contact with. I call this type an “ego monster.”

When I did readings for him over these decades, it was clear that this relationship would eventually kill him. But he said that in a past life as male warriors together, she had given his life to save his. So, he felt duty bound to repay the karmic debt selflessly and unconditionally even though she was quite ruthless in her feeding off him on all levels. I could see he was completely stuck in this dynamic. He got sick and dropped his body at the age of 60.

So, in this case, he did all this giving consciously and chose this probable outcome to be clear of the karmic debt, but also for many other reasons of balancing and resolving other karmic issues within himself. Only his soul can decide in the accounting of his record if he is now “paid in full,” but I’m pretty sure he is.

For many of us, we may feel as if we owe the recipient of the karmic debt our lives, without necessarily remembering the karmic story-line preceding the events in this life. However, if the feeling of debt is relentlessly undeniable, then only we can decide if we’ve paid in full as the other–especially if they’re an ego monster, hungry ghost and/or psychic vampire–never ever will.

Here’s one more (before my personal case study): A client, originally from China, who lives in the USA now, was partially supporting over a half-dozen family friends and relatives back home. This had been going on for decades, as they were comparatively poor and suffering and, since he lived in America, from their view he must be rich and doing well.

But, over the years, he had fallen on hard times and declared bankruptcy. As he was trying to get himself back on his feet, the demands for their monthly money orders, along with numerous emergencies–illnesses and so forth that required extra funds–continued unabated even with the change in his circumstances.

When I first did a soul reading for him, about six years ago, just before his yearly trip home, I was hoping that the reading would give him the good news that the karmic debt was paid in full.  But, unfortunately for him at the time, the reading confirmed that he still owed them all, and then went into the past life karma in detail which kept him in each of their debt.

But recently, he came back for a reading, as he had reached the end of his rope and was feeling resentful that he could never get ahead in life with all the recipients of his giving always clamoring for more. The reading confirmed that through all his benevolence, his heart had opened more than ever before in this life, which is what he is working on as his soul assignment. And that paying off these debts had been the perfect teaching vehicle to cultivate generosity and compassion.

I told him that at this point in his evolution, he could now decide if the karmic debts are paid in full, as long as he is committed to maintaining his generous open heart in an ongoing way by paying forward, if you will, into all his future affairs, as well as wishing his former recipients all good things on their journeys onwards without him.

In my own case, I had an aunt and uncle that I was close to for many years, and we even went on holidays together for seven years in the eighties in Sedona where they had a time share. The agreement we made was that, in exchange for a luxury suite, I would give them each one psychic and one astrological reading every year.

But, after they retired, they started relentlessly harassing me by phone on a daily basis for readings–not in health crises per se as I was there for them completely then–but just questions about the minutia of their daily lives. It was driving me nutz!

On our last trip together, as I was doing a reading for my uncle, having reminded him not to keep me in trance for more than an hour as it strains my nervous system/psychic circuitry, I came out of trance after 90-minutes, completely drained, to discover that he had kept me under way too long for my well-being with his endless questions.

I was so toasted, I told him that I was going to sit in the tiny jacuzzi on their terrace to try and congeal my boundaries and reconstitute my form and to please leave me alone. But, almost immediately, my uncle–quite a large man–jumped into the jacuzzi with me–both of us in bathing suits, thank the goddess–even though the space was not big enough for both of us.

I went into shock at what he had done in invading my space on all levels, and jumped out of the jacuzzi. I have never spoken to him or my aunt again, except to be civil at family gatherings.

I was DONE! A friend at the time, in Sedona witnessing our dysfunctional energetic dynamic, had told me just before this culminating event that I needed to stop hanging with them as my energy was too important to squander on them alone, rather than all the clients who needed my help.

And he was right! It just takes what it takes and, in my case, when the dynamic flipped to aversion–there really was no going back and I felt totally paid in full. I won’t go into the karmic storyline here, as most of us (even if we don’t know the past-life details) can feel when resentment continues to grow until aversion kicks in.

Over the following years, my mother begged me to speak to my uncle (her baby brother), but I declined. In her last year, she told me that her brother was making her so crazy with his pushiness and bossiness that she finally sanctioned my decision as she at last fully understood why my wellbeing and work must come first, and actually started avoiding speaking to him as well.

And, speaking of mothers, it’s time to move onto the special karmic bonds (or bondages) and the nature of the debts owed between parents and children as well as committed life partners.
To begin with, let me just say that, with all the other types of karmic debts, we can reach a point to say “paid in full” while the recipient is still embodied.

But, in these special cases, we are NEVER done while the receiver is still in the body–as the unresolved karma is a debt which we carry inside of ourselves and the paying out of what is owed must be done in an ongoing way–there is no “one and done” here. Sorry, folks.

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?” ―Rumi

The good news is that the healing of relationships with our parents is a karmic final exam, especially with the primary role model who pushes our buttons the most. And that’s why we chose them, to activate the karmic themes we took incarnation for. This means that we need to own that our karmic buttons were already fully installed before entry. It’s a final exam because once we can maintain an open heart and wish them well in an ongoing way–it means that we can do this with anyone on the planet.

For those of us who have heavy karma with a parent, it’s important to remember that we chose this soul to be our parent for very specific reasons which, while myriad in nature, can be as basic as learning how to maintain healthy boundaries and not just survive but thrive. All this makes our parents some of our greatest spiritual teachers in disguise.

In addition, at some point we also need to cultivate gratitude and cosmic humor for how well they played their roles. For, we are who we are through their activation of what we took incarnation to heal. I always say to clients, when they’re kvetching about their parents, that they deserve to get “Karmic Oscars” for playing their roles so impeccably (if unconsciously)–especially if they were the perfect negative role models, as many are. And all this was pre-loaded into the Divine computer by our souls and fully committed to before entry!

Once we have come to love who we are, it’s much easier to let go of the blame game. But, if we’re still blaming our parents for who we’ve become–and thus giving all our power away to them–we’ve got a long way to go, baby.

If we were abused by either or both parents on any level, it is not our job to change them. The wheels of karma grind exceedingly slow but exceedingly fine, and the timing of their karmic resolution is ultimately not our business. What is, is to heal and clear our side of the karmic street with forgiveness and compassion for all concerned, especially ourselves.

This full karmic healing by no means necessitates ever having to be in the physical presence of an abusive, negative, toxic or draining parent (or child) again. But rather, it does mean that, while we may choose to never allow them within any physical proximity, we must never throw them out of our hearts.

This is also true with a divorced life-partner–the high road to healing our karma is to keep the heart open even if we need to throw them out of our once-shared home and change the locks.

Starting in my late 30s, I realized that I could maintain the witnessing perspective with anyone on the planet except my mother. So, after a lot of inner work and past-life regression therapy, I was finally able to maintain the witnessing perspective and see her, as well as all my family, with a fresh eye, with no negative history or baggage in relation to me.

What I saw was a bunch of suffering mentally ill human beings, just like all of us, to different degrees, of course. And, since then, my ongoing commitment is to hold this view with compassion for all suffering beings, especially including them.

By the time I was in my fifties, my karma with my mother was fully resolved through maintaining an open heart and we became the best of friends until she passed at age 89 in 2015. Not to mention that now she is always available for comment from the other side on an almost daily basis.(I wrote about this reincarnational drama in depth in my memoir Cosmic Sugar).

Keeping my heart open towards her and giving her a continuous feeding tube of Divine love from the infinite supply vertically was one of the greatest and most challenging things I ever accomplished karmically. This heart opening to her changed everything in my life for the good, as it was the final cork that needed to be popped to open my heart fully and allow me to move to the next quantum level of my evolution. I finally got that sealing my heart from her as a protective defense mechanism was not only harming me but slowing down my soul growth big time.

NEXT: Children choose their parents, which allows the parents the probability of having their hearts cracked open to unconditional love, like nothing lesser ever could. Parents are also given the priceless opportunity to heal any karma for harms done in past lives to the souls that are their children–or visa versa.

Many times, in past lives, while the roles may have been very different, it’s very common to have one or both being too bossy, judgmental, controlling or abusive–even to the point of killing each other, which is exceptionarily unexceptional in the Akashic Records.

Many times, the karma incurred was for only offering conditional love based on them serving their wishes of how they thought their child/servant/slave/subordinate/spouse etc. was supposed be.

In this life, the karma gets played out by the parent, usually under the guise of “only wanting them to be happy”–but with a lot of projections and shoulds attached. Again, the karmic debt is paid in full by parents only if they can maintain love without conditions as an ongoing dynamic–with no ifs, ands or buts.

With committed life partners, in sickness and in health, right? Besides children, there is no greater vehicle to allow selflessness and empathy to crack our hearts open wider than ever before with compassion then when we have the opportunity to care for our “person” when they’re suffering. Over time, as we evolve to a higher level of transpersonal heart development, we can see all beings as our children and loved ones.

I’ve recently been reading memoirs of those with chronic or life-threatening illnesses as well as those who are the primary caretakers of loved ones. And, just as with my previous reading preference of holocaust survivor memoirs, I’m just as convinced that, as hard as it is, caregiving is one of the greatest vehicles for heart opening and karmic healing ever. But never easy. In this case truly: No pain, no gain.

However, the key is to choose to recommit daily to our roles and cultivate joy and gratitude for the privilege of serving loved ones who are suffering–and do enough self-care to keep any resentment, which can arise by exhaustion, to less than 51% of the time. In this way, we’re receiving a priceless gift for our soul growth–no matter how high the price paid by our ego/personality. 

Once our mirror is polished, we can see and viscerally feel that everything we do for others, we’re always doing for ourselves. The gift of a completely blown open heart is incomparably precious especially because the external price weighs so very heavy at times. 

Here’s a karmic case study: I did a reading for a very gentle and kind man in his sixties whose greatest fear was realized when his mother was in a nursing home with end-stage Alzheimer’s. He was an only child, and he dutifully went to see her weekly–a six-hour round trip. She didn’t recognize him in her dementia and raged at him in her suffering. 

He told me he so dreaded this weekly visit that it was consuming him on all levels and taking over his life to the point that he had no joy left. I did a soul reading for him, which first assured him that he didn’t need to become Mother Theresa and go to India and bathe lepers’ sores. This needed to be stated first as he had an aversion to visiting India because of all the suffering visible on the streets which triggered his own unresolved karmic PTSD memories of witnessing such suffering before and feeling powerless.

Instead, the reading promised him that all he needed to do was take care of his mother with the weekly visits until she passed, and his karma with her was done. It was essential that he consciously chose to do this completely for himself, so he wouldn’t carry guilt or regrets into future incarnations. His soul assignment was all about stepping into his personal power and this karmic final exam with his mother was the vehicle.

This reading freed him up to play out his karma with his mother and to see it as: “An opportunity rather than a burden.” And he played it out with gratitude and joy that he didn’t need to take care of all suffering beings–just her and himself.  Ta-da! Hey–one soul at a time, right?
In conclusion, we all have a specific amount of allotted karma we choose to come in and work with in any given incarnation. And the deepest karmic healing occurs within our most significant relations.

I love doing soul readings from the Akashic Records to help clients remember what they took incarnation for: To fulfill their soul assignments along with a foundation level of healing karma within themselves as well as in their most significant relationships.

A note about the Akashic records which contain the ever-expanding and evolving records of each soul: Everyone has the potential of equal access to this plane of consciousness as their Divine birthright. I also call this plane: The 6th dimension, the causal plane, the cosmic ocean of Becoming or the universal Flow state. Jung described it as the collective unconscious.

This dimension transcends linear space and time and is a lovely plane to hang out in, as being in the Flow becomes one’s new normal to fully enjoy in Leela (cosmic play). I highly recommend it!  (As all my psychic therapy clients can attest to:).)

I’ve always had clients who come to me and want to compare what other channels or psychics have told them in an Akashic Records reading. This seems to be happening more lately as there appears to be more channels accessing the Records these days.

Problems can arise however, if the channel (I call some of them “baby psychics”) is not yet skilled and open enough to be discriminating and know how to calibrate the information–of which there is an almost infinite supply–as well as coloring it with their own stuff (such as limiting beliefs, uncooked karma, etc.).

So, many times, I hear varieties of this story: That another Akashic channel told my client that they should be saving mankind at the UN, and the fact that they are not makes them feel unworthy, guilty and a failure.  Not helpful!  I share with them that the reading in question was a grandiose way of saying that they’re here to open their hearts, be of service and alleviate suffering–and performing this function by even helping to save one soul is actually equivalent to helping to save them all.

Then I get clients who say another Akashic reader told them that they were here to be a psychic channel and not whatever they’re currently doing–even if it’s already a helping profession and of great service.

Recently, I reminded one client of long standing who had this question about doing readings for a living (inspired by another Akashic reading elsewhere), that decades ago, when we had done past-life regression therapy into a life when she was a channel, a multitude of souls got destroyed on her watch. Oops!

So, while she has the psychic skillset developed and fully intact, it was safety-sealed in this life–as is often the case. This is many times reflected in the birth chart with a retrograde Neptune indicating a misuse of psychic gifts (by sins of commission in harming others or sins of omission through fear of the gift and thus harming self).

Furthermore, when the retrograde Neptune never releases karmically by going direct by secondary progression over the course of a lifetime–it usually means that the gifts are sealed to protect the client from accessing them too easily and thus incurring karma again.

So, the Akashic reading telling her she should be a trance channel in this life was not particularly useful. For, while it’s true that she has the abilities already developed, using them in this life as a public vocation, rather than as part of her expertise through utilizing her inner voice and intuition in her chosen helping profession, would be karmically counterproductive as it could trigger the hubris connected to the misuse of her psychic abilities based on her past history.

For anyone getting a soul reading from the Akashic Records, the most essential knowledge to receive is that which contains the most pertinent time-sensitive information for this exact moment in their karmic development. The reading needs to be calibrated with a refined discriminating awareness and articulated clearly, so that, out of the almost infinite pool of information in the soul records of literally hundreds or more incarnations, only the most relevant knowledge is conveyed.

To do this, the abilities of the channel need to be able to hone in with a laser-focus and transmit verbally, as well as energetically, what is most needed for the receiver to know about their soul evolution at the present time, as the point of power is in the Eternal Now. So, timing is everything!

It also may not be so helpful for the psychic reader to dwell over much on the high points of soul development. In most cases, unless it’s optimal for the recipient to live from that level now, it’s much more important to focus on guiding them to work on healing their allotted karma for this life by developing their least mature aspects, instead of resting in a karmic rut of solely what they’ve been good at before.

This is because we’re here to grow and expand the range of our humanness, not rest on our karmic laurels. As I said to one psychic therapy client after she expressed disappointment that several of the past lives we had visited were of subsistence-level potato farmers: “Well, we all can’t be the Queen of Sheba in every life:).”

Channels who only give clients info that feeds delusions of grandeur may unfortunately just be feeding the recipient’s ego and “making the customer happy” with the reading. But, in doing so, they’re not truly offering what can be of the highest use and may even be causing harm.

I long ago recognized that while people-pleasing is something I’m a natural at (with five planets in Libra), it was not the most useful role to play as part of my psychic vocation. For many years, I used to joke that I was a “recovering people pleaser,” and now I can most happily confide I’ve outgrown the need to please anyone but myself and my “bosses,”–who I call HAGF–the highest available Galactic forces:).

I wrote an article called On Spiritual Teachers: Buyer Be AWARE!” Although it seems one is also needed about trance channels, I doubt I will ever feel so inclined. So, here’s the short version: “On Akashic Records Readers, Psychics and Assorted Channels: BUYER BE AWARE!”  haha

After doing readings from the Akashic Records for over 50 years in this life, and after an entire karmic cycle of this development–as an Egyptian as well as Druid high priestess, a Taoist wizard, and a Delphic oracle, among others, I’m clear that being a trance channel in the heart of NYC is my karmic final exam of this cycle.

According to witnesses, on my very first LSD trip at age nineteen in early 1972, I experienced having my higher centers crack open completely and my psychic gifts emerge fully intact as I commenced to spontaneously do my very first reading.  And, I’ve never come back from that trip (it really only takes one very good one:).)

Since then, as part of my commitment to fulfilling my allotted karma in this area, I have done ongoing inner work to heal my emotional immaturity (which, compared to the psychic levels, was quite undeveloped in my twenties) as well as daily practices to keep my vertical channel crystal clear.

By age 31, I was so fully devoted to the high priestess archetype that I decided not to have children, as doing so wouldn’t allow me to fly so freely in higher dimensions. It was also very clear that it wasn’t karmically necessary anymore–as all beings are my children. So, as soon as my gyn would allow, I had a tubal ligation at age 39.

In the Spring of 2016, during my third psychic circuitry rewiring, it viscerally felt as if I was being downloaded with the entire Akashic Records of what seemed like infinite souls, each record downloading with visual images in a zip drive at warp speed every few seconds. And this went on for weeks, I kid you not.

This increasingly intense rewiring upgrade happens every twenty years to help my nervous system acclimate to ongoing higher frequencies, as I’m receiving continuous downloads which always raise the level of psychic power available to transmit to others.

But, this last time, the rewiring necessitated even more time sleeping than my usual nine hours, with me waking up feeling as if I was rising up from the depths of the cosmic ocean with no memory of space, time or identity. Added to this were daily naps which were really more like passing out or being knocked unconscious as psychic surgery was being performed. And all this continues to this day in a slightly less intense and more moderate form–or maybe my comfort zone has just moved closer to infinity.

Since the Fall of 2016, I’ve felt like a walking, talking library of the Akashic Records, which is continuously being added to and revised as souls evolve and grow. And, while I’ve always easily accessed the Akasha for Soul Readings (as one of my most ancient non-physical functions is as a guardian of these realms), but, now, there truly is no frequency shift between dimensions to allow for, as I am always right there—and here simultaneously.

I jokingly call my vertical channel the “galactic autobahn”–as it is very wide, speedy and safety sealed. And, also because, while I primarily read for clients from the Akashic Records, for my own readings I go to the Galactic plane, (or 7th body of consciousness in the Taoist system) and these days primarily operate from this frequency and beyond into the 8th body of the Void.
And, finally, if we fulfill all the allotted karma we came into this incarnation to heal, it doesn’t mean that we’re off the wheel and no more incarnations will ensue. It just means that we have fulfilled at least the foundation level of our soul assignment as well as hopefully continuing to evolve more through deeper levels of realizing our mission or purpose here.

Many clients want to know, as their primary question, what they need to do so that this will be their last incarnation. All I can do is internally sigh, as I share with them that aversion to the Earth Game, equally as much as attachment, keeps one on the wheel like nothing else.

For more on this:
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I salute us all as we embrace our karmic debts as grist for the mill. I love sharing my experience that it’s possible and optimal to simultaneously fully enjoy the Earth Game/Divine Play in the Eternal Now while we pay our dues.

For everything we do for others; we’re always doing for ourselves. There is truly only One Being–with billions of faces. I write this to my Self through all of you. Thank you for graciously receiving this offering.

In love with Leela and the rules of the Earth Game (aka the laws of karma),

 HEART OF FIRE–Joan Pancoe

“When you open your heart, you get life’s ten thousand sorrows and ten thousand joys.”Chuang Tzu

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