Taoist And Tantric Energy Arts

Taoist And Tantric Energy Arts

For individuals:

Taoist water-method chi gung, tai chi and meditation gently dissolve blocks in the physical, emotional and psychic bodies as they cultivate and replenish your chi. These ancient spiritual internal arts are an ideal daily practice to maintain equanimity, release stress and get a taste of that which is unchanging and peaceful in us. Each session is customized for your individual needs on all levels.

MP3s are now available for standing chi gung and sitting meditation: MP3s

There are 112 Tantric practices for different personality types utilizing the perceptions, emotions and senses. Joan will psychically prescribe those practices most attuned to your predisposition and level of development.

Taoist practices in NYC only: $300 per hour

Tantric practices in NYC: $300

by phone:$250 Per Hour

Prepaid (at Joan’s discretion):
$450 For 2 Hours
$800 For 4 Hours

add $50. for each in-person session

For couples:

There are five ways of meditating in the Taoist tradition: standing, sitting, moving, lying down and sexual. If you are ready to rekindle your passion and move to the next level of intimacy through dual cultivation as a couple, these practices will transform your relationship.

Joan will teach you how to dissolve the energetic and emotional blocks that separate you. Then you will learn various energy circuits for connecting so that you can enjoy merging with the Tao through the vehicle of making love with your partner.

Tantric practices involving the perceptions, emotions and senses will be utilized attuned to your innate combined predisposition.

$550. For 2 Hour Session in NYC only.
Individual soul readings and/or synastry and composite readings are a prerequisite.

$660. for new clients.

In addition:
Synastry and composite charts are an excellent tool as part of ongoing couples counseling to help clarify and understand the strengths and challenges inherent in any intimate committed partnership. This will help with communication skills for needs, wants, desires and wishes to support your moving more deeply into emotional and erotic intimacy together.

Any questions about particular areas where either of you feel the relationship dynamic has gotten stuck or stagnate will help get things moving during our session.

$275 per hour for established clients
for NEW CLIENTS, initial reading: $330. Per hour
for Synastry: each additional chart is $75.00

Please add an additional $50 for in-person sessions

For more information on Taoist and Tantric practices:
Spiritual Practices Reading List

Taoist Practices MP3 audio recordings are now available for download.

“Before I’ll even work with many of my clients, I insist they take a standing session with Joan. This MP3 is a watershed moment, because it makes her teaching much more accessible and affordable. I firmly believe that if we all did 20 minutes of standing chi gung daily, strengthening our immune systems and lowering stress hormones, the national healthcare crisis would be virtually non-existent.”
Rik Longenecker, Nutritionist

“Joan’s hypnotic voice leads one through these practices to a state of Being that is a direct transmission of clarity, inner stillness and oneness with the Tao that is wonderful to feel.”
Jay Sikora, Engineer


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