BEFORE THE FALL by Joan Pancoe
BEFORE THE FALL by Joan Pancoe


For me personally, it wasn’t until I was about age forty in 1993 that I experienced a shift in my energies and started feeling more alien─i.e. more comfortable in other dimensions─than the earth plane. Up until then, my development felt almost perfectly balanced 50-50 between development in this plane and sojourns in other dimensions. And while I would say that I had a preference for sojourns in the earth plane before this time, after this─while I still have a great fondness for the earth─I no longer seem to feel any preferences between dimensions.

This feeling of non-preference was certainly reinforced ever since my soul mate, Jim Rush, passed over in 1997 at the age of sixty. Since then, his ongoing communion with me and the occasional “trips” or “waking dreams”─he takes me on to other dimensions continues to loosen any vestiges of attachment to being in any particular plane of consciousness.

But for whatever the reason: being a trance channel since 1972, feeling more grounded and stable from Taoist practices, or the Galactic Forces bombarding the plane to shift us all more towards the Light─or probably all of the above─I began to feel definitively as if I was more comfortable and more aware of being in other dimensions, while simultaneously being present in this body and this incarnation. In other words, my expanded concept of identity shifted its perspective to the point that it became viscerally integrated into my being.

Over time, my desire to paint began to fall away and my creative focus shifted to writing books, articles, newsletters and teaching workshops from this expanded concept of self-perspective. And, I still keep half of the portraits in my office focused in this dimension and half focused from other dimensions─to make ALL my clients feel at home. This shift in me marked a midpoint in my journey from coming in for a landing in this incarnation (right in the middle of my Uranian opposition cycle, BTW) to an awareness that I am now on the return-ticket portion of this ride.

What Does It All Mean?

If you feel relief when you read my definition of aliens and can identify with not feeling at home or comfortable with your emotions, bodies or in the earth plane itself─welcome to the 10% (and growing all the time) of souls incarnate in the earth plane whose primary development is in other dimensions.

The movie comedy, Men in Black, addressed this theme, with the premise that all aliens were delegated to stay on the island of Manhattan and maintain a human disguise. When, I saw this movie I wanted to yell at the screen, “They’ve all been confined to the East Village of Manhattan.” And, yes, it’s true! The neighborhood I live in has a disproportionate number of alien residents, literally, and I don’t just mean from across the pond or other countries.

On any Saturday summer night when I am people-watching from a sidewalk cafe, there are so many aliens, even with their alien pets, promenading up and down the main drag, St. Marks Place, and NOT all in disguise, that it literally looks like a real-life version of the intergalactic cocktail bar in the original Star Wars movie.

On a slightly more serious note, what do I have to say about the clients who come to me because they believe they’ve had alien sightings, alien implants or been abducted by aliens, etc.? Well, this is what I have to say: “I work with anyone who comes to me in a way that is empowering to them to make the most of their experiences. I don’t argue, debate or disputebut rather create a bridge reality so that we can work in a positive way going forward with whatever history, beliefs or fears they bring to me.

Just as in medicine the placebo effect has been proven to be effective as a treatment─equally as much as drugs─over 30% of the time, I believe in the power of the mind to create our personal realities, perspective and experiences. Therefore, while I have not personally had some of the experiences my clients bring to me to resolve, I do not discount them, but rather chose to work with them in the most helpful way so that they can use their experiences as soul lessons for karmic healing.

I call myself a “full-service psychic.” This means that I’ve had people come to who believe they’ve been possessed by demons, discarnate entities, ghosts, aliens or whatever. My method of working with these types of clients is to empower them to recognize that─at a higher level of their being─they’ve chosen this experience and personal reality for very specific karmic lessons which I can help them to own and integrate.

The vast majority of clients who believe they have been “taken over” or “possessed” in some way are usually holding some very limiting karmic fear-based beliefs in which they think they’re powerless over more powerful─and usually dark─”outside forces” and thus feel as if they can’t protect themselves energetically.

As Edgar Cayce, the great sleeping prophet of the 20th century said, “Mind is the Builder.” And if we don’t believe something is possible for us─we can’t manifest it.

For a more detailed explanation of this type of projection: Owning Our Inner Pluto before . . . It Eats Us for Lunch

While I do not allow anyone to breach my psychic boundaries and feel strong and confidant in maintaining them, it has taken me much work over many decades to get here. Therefore, I empathize with anyone who does not believe it’s possible to have this power within their own being. This is the very reason that I’ve chosen to pass on my own personal psychic empowerment practices. For more on this: EMPOWERMENT PRACTICES

Ultimately, my philosophy is: One Being===billions of faces. And this metaphysical perspective encompasses not only the horizontal axis of the earth plane─but also the vertical channel to higher dimensions as well. This means that, at the level approaching absolute reality, there are no horizontal boundaries that separate all souls incarnate on the planet in terms of the cocreative Divine energies we’re all made up of. And vertically, there’s nothing that separates us from beings in other dimensions─we’re also all made up of the same Divine stuff.

Once we dissolve the illusionary boundaries between ourselves and others─horizontally and vertically─at the level of relative truth in this plane of duality and, once we get a taste of how it is to be in all spaces and times simultaneously through spiritual practices, THEN this multidimensional game we’re all playing in becomes much more cozy and much more fun. Aliens are us─indeed!

Back Story

For almost forty years, I’ve been painting portraits of Beings in what I call “Alternate Realities.” In 1982, at the first solo show of my work in Soho (NYC) entitled “Visions and Dreamworks,” I had a small back room filled with figurative portraits from this reality and a large main gallery room filled with over a dozen portraits of what the mass consciousness would call “Aliens” or “ETs.”

One of the more humorous aspects of this show, for me anyway was that, while I had been stoned on grass when I painted all the figurative portraits, most of the alternate reality portraits had been done once I’d cleaned up my act and was clean and sober in recovery. Most everyone at the opening thought for sure it was the other way around.

But the real joke was yet to come. At the opening, as I was standing in the center of the main room, someone asked me, “Where did you get the idea for all these aliens?” Before I answered, I did a 360° scan of all the portraits. That’s when, as if I’d been struck by lightning, I realized undeniably: THEY’RE ALL ME!

To view my portraits (no mood-altering substances required): GALLERY OF MULTIDIMENSIONAL DELIGHTS

Since 1972, I’d been channeling readings from a variety of sources as I expanded the range of what my channels called my “open channel system.” Most of the soul readings I did for others evolved from an original contact in the (Akashic) Hall of Records who initially called himself the Sympathetic Bridge Recorder. Then, over time, this Akashic contact merged with a group or gestalt of souls whose function was to maintain and monitor the Soul Records at the level of the 6th dimension of consciousness, also known as the causal plane.

There were numerous other channels that came through in the early years. Some seemed much further out in frequency and tone than the ones I used with clients and originally labeled themselves: “From the other side of the Universe.” Then, over time, these channels stabilized and began calling themselves the Highest Available Galactic Forces (acronym: HAGF). This channel, whom I call “my bosses” is the one I still use for my own readings as they direct me in my personal marching orders. HAGF is also the channel I use for readings of a planetary, global or galactic perspective as well as setting the theme and tone for most of my newsletters these days.

Just about the time I had the revelation about the true identity of my “altered state” or “alien” portraits, my channels informed me─in no uncertain terms─that: “They” (meaning all my channels) were: “All meall along.”The various channels had just been labeling themselves for my convenience for over a decade, and so as not to put me into shock by giving me more information than I was ready to handle. So, it seems it took over a decade of being a trance channel for my “little self” or ego/personality to be stable and right-sized (haha) enough to handle this concept of expanded identity. And I’m still working on it.ge

For a more detailed description of this process:

(put in new link to BOOKs page) Openings, a Guide to Psychic Living in the Real World, Part V, The Personal Development of this Channel System and Part VI, Channels of Influence.


About 10% or so of the people who come to me for soul readings are informed that their primary development is predominantly─meaning at least 51%─in other dimensions and are thus defined as “aliens” in terms of what dimension they would be most comfortable “phoning home” to. The hallmarks of alien development are feeling: Quite uncomfortable with the human emotional range, resistance to being fully embodied, and/or being at home in the density of the earth plane at all. The vast majority of clients who receive the news that their primary development is alien are incredibly relieved and many are not even very surprised at all, as their reading just confirmed what they, at least subliminally, already knew. And, learning that their spouses and children were many times of alien development as well, made it feel very right and cozy for them─even if they were advised to not necessarily share this info with their loved ones.

I also began working with quite a few of these alien souls in my psychic therapy process with a special focus on helping them “come in for a landing” in terms of releasing any limiting karmic (or alien) beliefs, fears or aversion that kept them from fully embracing their assignment for this incarnation.

This usually entailed rounding out their soul development through a cycle of lives of full immersion in the earth plane and full development of the range of humanness through different roles and scenarios, with a special focus on experiencing the human emotional repertoire and how to operate in a physical body in 3D.

These 10% are also the therapy clients who give themselves the green light to go further out into higher frequency dimensions than the causal plane as part of their work with me. Most clients choose to stabilize at the 6th dimension or causal plane, (which I also call “the Universal Flow State” or “the Cosmic Ocean of Consciousness”) as the optimal frequency to maintain if they want to be able to simultaneously function in the earth plane. The causal plane is also where one can learn how to access the Akashic Records and channel readings for themselves and others. And for most clients, I concur that going further out than the 6th dimension is not optimal for stabilization while in a 3D incarnation.

But, for those souls with alien development, going even further out and stabilizing in their 7th dimension functions and frequencies (which I call the galactic plane), while opening up the space/time continuum so they can experience being here and there simultaneous is, not just the culmination of their therapy with me, but the ultimate joy for them─and for me.

For a more detailed account of this:

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