Psychic Therapy

Psychic Therapy

In 1982, Joan created this innovative ten-session intensive for accelerated growth on all levels to move you to the soul perspective… and beyond.

This process utilizes:

  • Past life regression
  • Direct energy transmissions
  • Dream work
  • Astrology
  • Meditation
  • Mind/body practices
  • Empowerment training
  • Altered states… and much more

If you are ready to:

  • Reconnect with your energy, emotional, and primal bodies and learn how to keep them open
  • Release karmic blocks and limiting beliefs through past life regression
  • Develop your capacity to channel readings for yourself
  • Access your soul potentials and remember what you already know

Then this is what you’ve been seeking.

Clients who have experience with more traditional forms of therapy report they’ve gotten more out of ten sessions of psychic therapy than ten years of any other modality.

Each session is two hours
$600 Per Session in NYC Only
10 Session Commitment

If paid in full upfront: $5500.

Soul Reading and Karmic Astrology Consultation

“What I liked about the work I did with Joan in Psychic Therapy was, not only was it the deepest shit I have ever experienced in my life, but also that she did not make me dependent on her to keep coming. Sometimes it was scary as hell as I was experiencing the Oneness of all Souls in a vast ocean of consciousness not only the first time, but every time. At this level, the past-present-future are all happening simultaneously. It was magical and liberating and often I would come out of a session in such an exalted state that I wouldn’t know which way 2nd Avenue was. Joan would just smile and point. She is a very unique spiritual teacher.” November 2017
Vasken Kalayjian, Co-Founder & Global Head of Design and Branding at Learning Learning Architects, LLC, Co-founder, Tribe Global Network, Author: Brand Real: The Startup Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Effective Branding and Building Values-Based Organizations

“Through my psychic therapy with Joan, I learned how to integrate my spiritual and worldly lives and live fully in both simultaneously. I now have access to a happiness that I never dreamt of before in this world.”
Timothy Biel, Set Designer

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