Global Karmic PTSD Psychic Forecast: WHATEVER Triggers Alarm in You is the Perfect Springboard into Higher Consciousness

March 18, 2020in Newsletter Archive

“Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace…

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one”

John Lennon, lyrics from Imagine


Dear One,

Happy Spring! It’s more important than ever that we allow ourselves to smile as we watch flowers in bloom, and as we breath in peace and breath out equanimity. For, we’re all quite capable of feeling more than one emotion at a time—like releasing any death anxiety as it spontaneously arises on the out-breath and cultivating faith in the Flow on the in-breath.

Two major themes inspired the focus of this newsletter. One is that Karmic Teacher Saturn moves into revolution-loving Aquarius on March 21, “encouraging” us through FGO’s (i.e., f**kin growth opportunities) to learn innovative ways to cope with this Dark Age (Kali Yuga) we’re presently in. The other theme is derived from the newest, most frequently asked client question of the last few years.And that is: “How awful is it going to get globally and when is all this bad news about the planet going to end?”

Last year, this question was asked mostly about global warming and this year about the pandemic, which are both, in their escalation, ongoing effects of the Pluto/Saturn conjunction, building throughout 2019 and exact in January, 2020, as well as the global karma affecting us all.

I’ve always had clients who, when going through a particularly rough patch personally, ask, “When is it going to end?”Their difficult times are usually a result of some heavy-hitting, challenging transits of Saturn, Uranus and/or Pluto, combined with the karma they’re playing out, which determines what kind of test they’re experiencing.

And, my answer has always been: “Your challenging times are never going to end, although they may change form. For, unless you’re willing to release your attitude of dissatisfaction and aversion to ‘What is’ and let go of your resistance to reality, your suffering will continue.But, if you want some guidance as to why your particular circumstances are happening from a karmic perspective and how to more skillfully play the Earth Game, then you’ve come to the right place.”

And now, in answer to this new global question, my response is still the same. Although, I do think that this new trans-personal concern is actually a step up, in terms of consciousness, if it’s asked from a place of compassion for all human suffering and not just one’s own predicament.

This new, more conscious altruism is inspired and supported by the Quickening, which is what I call the cosmic accelerating of higher frequency energies affecting the planet to help speed up our conscious evolution.And, since 3D is a plane of polarities, anyone who isn’t ready to grow up faster spiritually tends to have a reaction formation of retracting into root-chakra survival and security fears.

Thus, the split in the mass consciousness between dark and light, which is always present, is certainly being exacerbated more these days as alarming global events, such as the pandemic, appear more rapidly on our radars with the 24-7 news cycle.

In my view, the Quickening provides the balancing energies to give us a booster shot of cosmic juice to help us ride the tumultuous waves of the Kali Yuga and not get inundated and swept away in the undertow of negative and fear-based thinking.

I’ve written a lot about the Kali Yuga and the Quickening. Here are some tastes:

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The Quickening Phase II Is Here to Rock Your World

From my stance in the Witnessing Protection Program, which is another name for maintaining the Eternal Soul Perspective, here are some ground rules of the Earth Game:

We live in an ephemeral plane in which everything is always subject to change at any time.This truth can be challenging and fear-inducing, especially if we primarily identity with our little self/ego/personality rather than our soul.And, with Trickster of Awakening Uranus transiting security-loving Taurus for the next six years, The Universe is upping the ante to see how we handle this truth?psychically, emotionally and, now, physically? under wartime conditions.For more on this:· All Your Stagnate Comfort Zones Are Going, Going, Gone

The only certain thing that each of us can count on without any doubt is that one day—sooner or later—we get to drop our bodies (i.e., physical death) without losing our higher minds.In fact, as Ram Dass said, “Death is absolutely safe:)”

· All our souls chose to be born at this time in human history, with all of the conditions of our early life preset in the probabilities, and pre-programmed for optimal karmic activation, healing and growth. This means that, no matter how much our personality screams “I didn’t choose this!” I can promise you that, on the soul level, there are no victims, only volunteers.

· On “the other side,” there are incredibly long lines for souls waiting to enter another precious human incarnation to heal their karma. In fact, it’s very common for many souls to very courageously choose to come into especially challenging conditions. For burning karma, the earth plane is truly the only game in “town.” For more of this philosophy: LEELA

Another factor contributing to the more humanitarian shift of consciousness these days is that pragmatic Saturn will be transiting through idealistic Aquarius for the next three years. Aquarius is the sign in which Saturn is in “dignity,” meaning that he expresses himself with great positive strength. Then, as Saturn moves into spiritual Pisces, Transformer Pluto will pick up this more selfless, innovative theme when he moves into Aquarius in 2024.

Adding the most good news to the mix, we have the coming together of Saturn with forward-thinking Jupiter newly into Aquarius on December 20, 2020.

So, if we want to look at the glass as more than half full, the fact that Saturn in Aquarius conjoins Jupiter this year bodes very well for some positive results from these energies of practical idealism on the world stage, as well as in our personal realities.

But, even though the scales are tipping slightly more towards the Light in these dark times this year astrologically, it still may take another four years, as Pluto continues to break down outmoded structures in Capricorn, for us to see an outer manifestation of all these positive, groundbreaking energies creating brand new, inventive structures in the world to combat global warming, pandemics and many other existential threats.

One of the engines that’s fueling this new humanitarian philosophy, (which is actually one of the most ancient, i.e., one Being with billions of faces), is the nonstop news cycle and the internet, both ruled by Uranian/Aquarian energies.

Since news is now traveling globally in the blink-of-an-eye for the very first time in human history, it’s allowing those of us with open heart/minds to practice bodhicitta, compassion and loving-kindness for all suffering, with more real-time awareness of the range of the human condition all over the planet.

Thus, the continuous news cycle and the internet, for all their short-term mixed results, are actually accelerating human evolution moving towards a future probability of unity consciousness: In which everything we do for others is also always done for ourselves as one greater conscious Being all made up of the same Source energy. In other words, we’re all apples on the same tree of Life, all made up of Divine love as our energetic gold-standard and motivating force.

For those of you who think optimism is misguided and delusional in this Dark Age, it’s good to remember that studies have shown that optimists live longer and happier than depressive pessimists. One of the best current defenders and proponents of glass-half-full thinking based on historical facts, is Steven Pinker.His last two books are Bill Gates’ favorite books.

Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress

The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined

Saturn will be retrograding back into Capricorn for six months in 2020—from July through December. This gives us time to review the final lessons of Saturn in Capricorn to sustain us for the next thirty years:


Starting on March 21, 2020, we’ll be seeing more of the coming attractions of how to use whatever is happening to us personally and on the world stage as perfect fuel for the acceleration of our awakening to our true nature—which is as a timeless Being having a human experience.

It serves us well to start witnessing more and more external structures falling apart with an abundance of equanimity.This means holding the view that the bad news now might very well be the operating force that turns into good news later.

Just so, as in the long-range perspective of the Taoist philosophy of going with the Flow, it’s time we started viewing cyclical global downturns as part of the true nature of reality in this plane of duality and relative truth.

So, whether we’re witnessing the collapse of global financial markets, the falling away of the illusion of any medical safety nets when it comes to new global pandemics, or whatever other crises the media and the “powers that be” choose to trigger alarm in us, it’s all grist for the mill of our awakening.

This bad news/good news scenario is confirmed astrologically, as optimistic Jupiter conjuncts transformative Pluto three times this year in structure-ruling, pragmatic Capricorn on April 4, June 29 and November 12. This means that, as Pluto operates by literally annihilating operating systems that no longer serve our highest good going forward, new structures will arise from the ashes like the phoenix and, with cheerleader Jupiter in the mix, there appears to be much positive, expansive growth for this in the probabilities playing out over the next decade.

From the Witnessing Perspective, we can objectively see how much catastrophic inflation is going on to breed fear in the mass consciousness, always the lowest common denominator, and choose not to buy into all this stirred-up emotional agitation.

And, while there’s always been some lag-time before new societal and global structures can be created, as manifestation has to cut through the density of the physical plane, we can still look forward—way forward—to a time when at least 51% of the humanity is functioning from the high-speed frequency of the Quickening, not just sporadic individuals, and hold this vision.

That’s why it’s so especially important now, for those of us who are able, to not get swallowed up by the mass tone of death anxiety and hysteria, but rather to affect the mass tone with our faith in the Flow.

As the old saying goes: “When one door closes, another opens, but it’s drafty in the hallway.” And, while we’re all certainly in that “hallway” right now, which may bring up fear of emptiness or the annihilation of the little self in the Void, this hallway is actually an elevator moving us to the next level of conscious awakening, like nothing lesser than the present circumstances could do.YAY!

Here’s one of my favorite bad news/good news Taoist parables:

An old Chinese farmer lost his best stallion one day and his neighbor came around to express his regrets, but the farmer just said, “Who knows what is good and what is bad.” The next day the stallion returned bringing with him three wild mares. The neighbor rushed back to celebrate with the farmer, but the old farmer simply said, “Who knows what is good and what is bad.” The following day, the farmer’s son fell from one of the wild mares while trying to break her in and broke his arm and injured his leg. The neighbor came by to check on the son and give his condolences, but the old farmer just said, “Who knows what is good and what is bad.” The next day the army came to the farm to conscript the farmer’s son for the war, but found him invalid and left him with his father. The neighbor thought to himself, “Who knows what is good and what is bad.”

In modern times, one of my favorite bad news/good news stories is about the Chinese occupation of Tibet.Bad news, no? But then, without this violence, Tibetan Buddhism would not have spread so rapidly, globally affecting the tone of the planet. Good news, yes?So, maintaining the long-range perspective with equanimity to whatever is unfolding in the present moment—whether seemingly very good news or alarmingly bad news—is the way to go.For more consciousness-expanding teachings from the Dalai Lama:

Teachings to Surprise and Inspire

Some of my clients lament that these are “the worst times ever” but, as a student of history and human racial karma playing out over millennia, I assure them that there were just as many wars, famine, plagues and environmental disasters playing out in the year 1 AD (when the world’s population was 200 million) as there are in 2020 with a population of over 7 billion, affecting the same percentage of those living then as now.

But with the 24-7 news cycle and the media’s intent, which tends to catastrophize everything with alarm bells and high alerts daily to trigger fear as a way to control the mass consciousness and keep us watching, we always have a choice to back away from the TV, smart phone or computer.

That is, unless we can witness the news from the higher perspective of our souls and remember that—in this plane of duality—good news and bad news are endlessly cyclical events. (Watching comedians like Steven Colbert, Bill Maher and John Oliver also help me maintain the Witnessing Perspective with a tone of cosmic humor.)

In closing, here’s an article from The Atlantic magazine which envisions one of the most important very bad news/very good news scenarios playing out in 2020:

Trump Presidency Over

It’s also good to keep in mind that the human evolution of consciousness is still in its baby stages in terms of potentials. In the 1970’s, Chögyam Trungpa said that only about 1% of humanity is ready for awakening to higher consciousness—now, in my view, maybe 2%.

Here’s a poem from Chögyam Trungpa’s Sacred Songs called Supplications:

“The corpse, bloated with the eight worldly concerns, is cut into pieces by the knife of detachment and served up as the feast of the great bliss.

Is this not your doing O Karma Pakshi?

Although I live in the slime and muck of this dark age, I still aspire to see you face. Although I stumble in the thick black fog of materialism, I still aspire to see your face.”

Wishing us all bliss and equanimity as we witness the unfolding of all the good news and all the bad news—especially whatever triggers our personal alarm bells, i.e. global karmic PTSD—as this is where our healing, soul growth and awakening will flourish the most.


PS For more on karmic PTSD, please review:

Shocks to the System Are Triggering Karmic PTSD in Everybody

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“We practise and we work with whatever arises without attempting to convert the disorderly nature of existence into something more regimented. Without this ‘wearying world’ we cannot find enlightenment. Without the responses we would be bereft of the fabulous friction which illuminates our Buddha nature. Once we have a real understanding of the cause of our experience of samsara as unsatisfactory, we can engage with it in a light-hearted manner. We play with our life experience, rather than feeling like a victim of our circumstances.”
Ngak’chang Rinpoche

For more:The Wisdom of Dzogchen

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